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Just Dive!

Dive the clear beautiful
waters of the Florida Springs

Join Us!

APRIL 25th-27th 2019

Scuba Dive the Springs in Sunny Florida

Day 1: Thursday, April 25th

Location: Manatee Springs State Park

Day 2: Friday, April 26th

Location: Ginnie Springs

Day 3: Saturday, April 27th

Location: Blue Grotto

Join us for annual trip to Florida Springs as we scuba dive in clear waters and enjoy the company of Manatees. Participants will pay for hotels, meals and transportation directly. You can drive or fly but will need a car to get around. Randy’s will be collecting the entrance fees for all the facilities only.


NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver Certification and NAUI Nitrox Certification can be completed on the trip to the Florida Springs. Please contact the shop with questions and for additional information.

Scuba divers from around the world are drawn to Florida’s springs.


Florida is famous around the world as a scuba and cave diving destination. From deep cave diving by researchers and scientists at Wakulla Springs to recreational diving with the manatees, Florida’s springs offer a chance to probe depths where few will ever go.


The Florida Springs is a unique diving experience. Located in northern Florida, the water is fresh, a constant 72 degrees, crystal clear and spring fed. Diving in the “Springs” is easy enough for novice divers but offers enough to interest even the most experienced diver. These huge marine mammals migrate into the springs in the winter months. Humans, who, while snorkeling, are able to observe and pet the Manatee. This year we will visit Mantatee Springs, Ginnie Springs and Blue Grotto.

Drive time to the Springs is approximately 18 hours from Irwin.

Hope to see you there!!! Call the shop for more details.

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