With over 10 acres of fresh water, your entire family (divers and non-divers) will have an adventure

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to experience the clean waters, mountains and steep-sided valleys which encompass the project and provide an unsurpassed setting for outdoor recreation opportunities.

The lake is inhabited by a large variety of game and panfish and is especially known as a hotspot for walleye and smallmouth bass and its average depth is about 54 feet and the maximum depth is about 121 feet.

Special precautions:

  • The Yough Reservior is deep water – 100+ feet
  • Boat Traffic with unlimited horsepower, MUST SHOW DIVE FLAG!
  • DO NOT DIVE INSIDE TRASH BOOM AREA! There is an 18 ft. diameter intake Pipe, off the right bank as you face the Breastwork , with tremendous suction from the Lake!
  • MONITOR your depth and time continously!
  • VISIBILITY ranges from 5 to 20 feet.
  • Water Temperature on the bottom is always 42 Degrees, all seasons!

For more info:

Phone: (814) 395-3242
260 Mefford Road, Confluence,
PA 15424-9103.

Recorded Recreation Information: 
(814) 395-316