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Nitrox/Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Certification




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About Naui Nitrox/ Enrich Air Nitrogen (EANx) Scuba Diver Certification

Do you want to extend your bottom time, lessen your surface interval, and maximize every dive? Become a NAUI Enriched Air Nitrox diver! This course may be taught as a stand alone program or may be combined with other NAUI training programs such as NAUI Scuba Diver or NAUI Advanced Diver.


During this course, you will learn how to choose the proper blend of Nitrox for your dive profile, determine maximum depth limits for your Nitrox mixture, analyze your breathing mixture, and plan and safely execute each dive. Your instructor will teach you about the physiology of oxygen and nitrogen; advantages, disadvantages, and risks of nitrox; oxygen toxicity; hazards and precautions of handling oxygen; the concept of Equivalent Air Depth; use of EANx with standard Air Dive Tables; common gas mixing procedures; and more.


After your exam, you can qualify for the Nitrox recognition card, or go ahead and complete two dives to receive your Nitrox Diver certification card. And, your NAUI instructor can integrate your Nitrox course into your Scuba Diver course!


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Minimum age for participation is 15 years and divers must be in good physical condition to enroll in a NAUI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course. Participants may be enrolled in a NAUI Scuba Diver Course or must be certified as a NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent.

Are you ready to learn to Dive Nitrox?

Naui Nitrox Classes at Randy’s Dive Shop

Randy’s Dive Shop offers  NAUI Nitrox (Enriched Air Nitrox -EANx) Courses. The six hours of instruction will cover the academics required to dive with nitrox and instruction on analyzing tank contents. Two open water dives on nitrox are required to complete the certification and will be scheduled during the class.


Nitrox or “diving with nitrox” refers to the ability to dive with increased levels of Oxygen (O2) in your tank. As I’m sure you remember from your original scuba class, the regular compressed air in your tank contains approximately 20.9% oxygen. The rest of the air is made up of nitrogen at approx. 78% and several trace elements and compounds.


We also know that it’s the nitrogen and the potential for Decompression Sickness (DCS) that concerns us as divers and sets the limits that we refer to as “No Decompression Limits” on our depth and dive times.


With Nitrox we normally dive with between 32% and 36% oxygen in our tanks. This increased level of oxygen provides us with both longer “bottom times” and some increased margin to the “No Decompression Limits” outlined in the dive tables. How can anyone argue with getting additional bottom time and some additional level of safety related to DCS?


Diving with nitrox does require us to pay attention to depth limits and issues related to the potential for oxygen toxicity. That’s why, since 1992, the dive industry has required nitrox certifications prior to diving with nitrox. Fortunately the depth ranges for Nitrox fall directly within the normal recreational scuba depth ranges making Nitrox a perfect fit for the average scuba diver.


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